3.15 Time Game

Roll, move, and try to draw the analog clock for the time given on the gameboard.

Time Game – time game board 3rd


3.17 Temperature Game

Roll, move and try to match one of the thermometers to the temperature on the game board.

Temperature Game – 3.17 Temperature Game


3.16 Calendar/Time Game

This is a Tic-Tac-Toe game to help students practice answering questions such as “How many days in a week?”  or “How  many months in 3 years?”

This game prints on LARGE PAPER  11 x 17

Tic-Tac-Toe GAME – 3.16 time tic tac toe PDF


3.16 Calendar Game

This game is similar to Candy Land.  Reinforces calendar concepts.

This game prints on LARGE PAPER   11 x 17

3.16 Calendarland PDF


SOL 3.9 and 3.10 Multiplication and Division

Here are two different sets of game cards to review multiplication, division, and multiplication word problems.  We all know that some students ( a few) simply memorize their multiplication facts quickly and easily.  However, for most they need strategies and tools to help them master these facts.  A hundreds chart is a great tool for students to use when trying to use these strategies to master their multiplication facts.  Read here about some proven strategies.

Strategies for Mastering Multiplication Facts

Hundreds Chart

3.9 Game Cards – 39-multiplication-division

3.10 Game Cards – 310-multiplication-with-models-and-word-prob


SOL 5.19 Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Sing the Mean Median Mode song and then take out the calculators and let your students use them to calculate the mean (average) in this game.  If you don’t know the Mean Median Mode Song click here to hear the 5th graders from Fairview sing their version. Go to YOUTUBE to see  and listen to another version. Have your kids make up their own Mean Median Mode song.  Music is a great way to engage students in math.

Game Cards – 519-mean-median-mode game-cards

Another Mean Median and Mode was posted earlier on this blog.  Click here to take a look.


SOL 4.9 Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Decimals

Grab your fraction bars or fraction circles and encourage students to use them as they play this game.   You might also encourage them to draw their own representations for the fractions they are trying to add and subtract.  Encourage students to estimate what they think their answer might be before actually computing.

Below you will find two different sets of game cards to support this SOL.

Game Cards – 49-fractions_decimals

More game Cards – 49b-game-cards

The other day a student said that 7/8 was larger than 3/4 because to get to 1 you only had to add one more eighth rather than one more forth and we all know 1/8 is a smaller piece than 1/4.  This student showed a lot of fraction number sense. Fraction number sense is essential for success with fraction computation.  If you have not already done so, take a look at the DOE fraction lessons.  They are full of activities for building number sense with fractions.

Number Sense Modules

Thinking Rationally About Fractions, Decmilas and Percents (Grades 4 – 8)


SOL 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 Division of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Use these games cards to motivate your students to practice their division skills.

Game Cards – 5th-grade-division-cards

Most of us learned the long traditional algorithm for division.  Many of our students are findig more success with an algorithm know as the “partial quotient” algorithm.  If you are unfamiliar with this algorithm, take a look at these short video on TeacherTube.

Student Explantion

Teacher Explanation


SOL 3.8 Addition and Subtraction

It seems that we can never get enough practice adding and subtracting, especially subtracting when we need to regroup.  Copy these cards onto colorful card stock and use them with one of the generic game boards.  You might even combine these cards with the 3.9 and 3.10 cards to provide a game that reviews several topics.

Game Cards – 38-game-cards


SOL 5.21 and 5.22 Algebraic Expressions

These game cards can be used as a matching game.  Copy the two sheets of cards onto 2 different colors of paper.  Combine the matching game with one of the generic game boards for even more fun.  If a match is found, students can spin or roll a dice to move along the board.

Game Cards – 521-522-game-cards

Here is another activity to support this SOL.  Click here to download the “I HAVE WHO HAS” algebraic expressions from MathWire.


3.2 Rounding

Make rounding an adventure with the game cards and one of the generic game boards below.

Game Cards – 32-game-cards

Students will have a very difficult time understanding rounding if they do not first understand place value.  They also need to understand the relative position of numebrs on a number line and what is halfway bewtween 2 given numbers; 1 and 10,  40 and 50,  1 and 100,  1 and 1000  etc.  A constant math diet of number sense games is essential to success.  MathWire is a great site for finding number sense activities.

Math Wire Number Sense Activities


SOL 5.12 Elapsed Time

Elapsed time is difficult for many of our students.  Do away with the worksheet and use these game cards along with one of the generic game boards to get your students motivated to practice this topic.  Provide elapsed time rulers for students to use when answering the questions.  If you don’t have elapsed time rulers, students can easily make them on graph paper or use the template provided below.

Game Cards – 512-elapsed-time-cards

Elapsed Time Ruler Template – elapsed-time-ruler


SOL 4.21 and 5.20 Patterns

Check out both sets of cards below for 4th grade and 5th grade.  Print them on colorful card stock and use them with one of the generic game boards. Allow your students to use calculators to help them with the number patterns. Your kids will love it!

4th Grade Game Cards – 421-patterns

5th Grade Game Cards – 520-patterns


Three in a Row (Fraction Game)

This is a complete game with game baords and cards.  This game provides students with the opportunity to match rectangular fractions models with the equivalent numerical representation.



Time Game Cards

Here is a set of game cards to review “telling time.”  Each card has an analog clock and students will need to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.



Just In Time (Elapsed Time)

This is a fabulous game for reinforcing the concept of elapsed time.  The game includes instructions, a creative clock themed game board, spinner, game cards, and student recording sheet.  Glue the game board and spinner to a large piece of bright contruction paper and laminate.  Print the games cared on card stock and you are ready to play.

Just in Time Instructions and Game Cards -512-just-in-time-instructions-and-game-cards

Just in Time Game Board taken from – http://www.fi.edu/time/Journey/JustInTime/game.html


Free Math Game Boards and Activities

This site has a number of creative printable game boards, spinners, number lines and more. Use a color printer if available or print in black and white and add your own color.  You can subscribe to this site or access the free items. A favorite of ours is the colorful circle game board that can be printed in 2 different sizes.

K-3 Math Resources

Circle Game Board -Large (A4)

Circle Game Board -Small (A3)


Measurement Game Cards

There are two different decks of measurement game cards below.  You can use them separately or together.  One set has question about US customary and metric units of length and the other has US customary and metric units of weight.

Length -measurement-game-cards-length

Weight – measurement-game-cards-weight


Fraction Game Cards

These games cards can be used with 4th or 5th grade students who need practice identifying equivalent fractions.  These games cards are not used with a board but played as a card game.  Print multiple sets of the cards (2 or more)  to make a DECK.

Card Deck – fraction-cards

Instructions and Answer Key – fraction-cards-instructions-and-answers


Period Of Time Game Cards

These cards will help 3rd graders review the number of days in a week, month and year  as well as the seconds in a minute and the number of minutes in an hour.  These cards will also help students review the concept of multiplication when they are asked questions like  “How many days in 5 weeks?”



Number Pattern Game Gards

These game cards are designed for 3rd grade but could be used at any level to practice basic number patterns.  The cards contain 2 different types of pattern questions.  Half give you a pattern with a missing number to find.  The other half of the cards give you a completed pattern and the student needs to determine the rule.



2D and 3D Figure Game Cards

Here are two different sets of game cards that can be used with any board to review geometry vocabulary and attributes.

2D and 3D (4th Grade)- 4th-grade-2d-and-3d-figures

3D (5th Grade) – 5th-grade-3d-cards


Generic Game Boards and Game Board Instructions

Here are some game boards you can download and use with whatever deck of game cards you wish.  If you do not have a color printer available, print them in black and white, glue them to a bright piece of construction paper and laminate.

Game Board Setup (Generic instructions for any game) – game-board-set-up1

Alien Game Board

PDF  Version – alien-game-board1

Circle Game Board

PDF Version – circle-board1

Critters Game Board

PDF Version –  critters-game-board2

Math Explorer Game Board

PDF Version – explorers-game-board

Homework Blues Game Board

PDF Version – homework-game-board


Mean Median Mode Game

This game is from Laura Chandler’s math file cabinet.  It combines a spinner, number cards, and a game board to create a very fun and engaging game.  Allow students to use calculators to help them to copute the task determined by the spinner.

Mean Median Mode Game  (PDF)


Triangle Tower

This is a fun game from Mathwire that encourages students to practice and master their multiplication facts.  there are several different games boards for different levels.

Triangle Tower (PDF)